Spot - one of our breeding sows Moss and Emma All our Chooks are Freerange Abby and her newborn lambs 8 week old Oxford Sandy & Black piglet Gobble Gobble Tamworth Weaners

Welcome to Ardunan Farm, Strathblane

Ardunan Farm is a small mixed holding owned and run by David Campbell & Gillian Mackay.

They produce wonderful pork, chicken, eggs, turkeys, lamb, a range of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs and they will soon be introducing duck and live Christmas trees sold in containers.

The pigs are traditional breed: Oxford Sandy and Blacks. They live happy lives, outdoor born and bred, slow grown producing meat of outstanding flavour and quality.

The chickens, turkeys, ducks and egg laying hens are all free range.

David and Gillian’s aim is to bring local produce to the local market. Food that is of the highest quality and variety, produced using high welfare, environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems. It is the ultimate in traceability and food provenance.

Our products can now be bought through The Food Assembly which is a bit like an online Farmer’s Market where you can order and pay online then collect your goods at a weekly venue. We currently supply The Food Assembly in Stirling and Glasgow Drygate. Log on to join as a member and view the great produce, not just from us but other local producers.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.