About Us

We are small scale farmers. We started Ardunan Farm in 2007 with a few sheep and two rare breed pigs – we currently have 35 sheep, 100(ish) pigs, 50+ chickens for eggs, 250 chickens of varying ages for meat, 45 ducks for eggs and we’re the only place to come to order your Christmas turkey…they start hatching in May each year!


In 2012 we started to offer Hog Roasts – the ultimate barbeque and an ideal food for outdoor events and parties….you can buy a pig from us and rent our hog roaster.

2016 saw us venture into Food Assemblies which are a bit like local, online farmer’s markets. This was a game changer for us and brought us full circle to where we always wanted to be, supplying local food to local people. We began supplying Assemblies in Glasgow, Stirling and Bathgate then set up our own for the benefit of our own local community in Milngavie! When the Food Assembly pulled out of the UK in 2018 we built a new platform to replace it…please visit The Great British Food Hub!

In 2017 we fulfilled a dream to have our own on-site butchery and we now offer a butchery service to other smallholders who, like us, were dissatisfied by the way our meat was being cut, handled and presented by conventional High Street butchers.

We are passionate about producing great products with none of the additives and preservatives of shop bought food and extremely low food miles. We also feel very strongly about giving our animals the best outdoor life possible.

Do give our pork a try, once you do you’ll never go back to the bland chemically enhanced and water-filled supermarket stuff. Supporting local producers is supporting your local economy and most importantly it supports the highest possible standards of animal welfare. Feel free to ask us any questions or get some advice, just give us a call or send an email. we’re always happy to help.

For those who would like to try “The Good Life” for themselves we occasionally have weaners for sale. Please contact us to discuss.

Visitors are welcome by appointment. (Wellingtons are essential!)