Adopt a pig

Many people like the idea of keeping a pig but don’t have the land, facilities or the time and in any case pigs being social animals should be reared in groups or they become lonely and depressed.

Last Christmas two of our pigs were adopted and named by families who visit regularly to check on their progress and development.  Not only are their children educated in food miles and their carbon footprint but also in where their food comes from and how at the end of the process their pig will enter the food chain and keep them in pork for many months.

For this facility we charge £50 per month plus the cost of the piglet which varies from £50-75 depending on its age at the time of adoption. The monthly charge covers the pig’s food, housing, bedding, treats, insurance and vets bills and is payable monthly in advance by standing order. You are advised to select your piglet as early as possible as we can only provide this service to a limited number of families and it is strictly on a first come first served basis. You will receive a monthly progress report, photos and a weight update. The only additional costs are for the abattoir and the butchering which are currently £25 and £60 respectively.

We will then deliver your pork, prepared just as you want it and vac-packed ready for your freezer. Its the ultimate in traceability and food provenance, you’ll have known your porkchop since it was born

Pick it – name it – grow it – eat it!

Gift vouchers are available. Contact us for further information.