Just in time…

We’ve had a busy few days – today in particular was packed with loads of jobs! There was a huge feed delivery of 5 tonnes, and another of 11 bales of straw and a bale of hay. We had to deal with Kate, getting her up to stand and giving her lots of physio to her stiff back legs. Kate’s pig ark had to be repaired and our smaller pen for turkeys which had been getting ‘picked on’ had to be relocated.

We had some lovely visitors today who discovered us through our leaflet drop within the Blane Valley Bulletin – they also commented on how much they enjoy the website (which was lovely to hear 🙂 )

I have been checking Rosie & Spot for milk at every feed time as they are both now massive, with piglets visibly squirming around their tummies. We already have them seperate from the others in one pen with two arks but they continue to just share one which is a situation that is becoming more risky each day. After such a long day we just wanted to get home, but I went to check on the girls one last time and found this……Spot’s teats had become engorged with milk, her vulva was swollen, she was scratching the floor trying to nest and chewing pieces of wood within the ark, obviously in some pain….piglets were coming!!!

There was nothing for it but to do a bit of farming in the dark! We managed to get Rosie out of the ark and with fresh straw at the ready standby we edged the very reluctant Rosie next door. Once in her own ark we piled in the straw and started to split the two pens using two lines of electric tape. Spot then got lots of fresh straw and set about building a massive nest!

A couple of hours later and we left Rosie in her ark settling down and Spot perched on top of her freshly constructed nest. Piglets in the morning??? Oooooh yes!!!