Twiglet is doing fine…

Well I have tried to reintroduce ‘Twiglet the piglet’ back with his family and although he readily joins them and is accepted by them he shows no interest in feeding/ fighting to get in to feed. Instead, he and just bides his time waiting for me to come and check on him and then scoots up to me squealing to be picked up (and fed). He has me well trained and is literally being fed ‘on demand’!

He is growing strong and becoming pretty vocal but I am being pretty tough about giving him a BIG feed before I go to bed then nothing else until morning….I just cannot function with ‘life’ on a broken nights sleep. He tends to pretty much sleep right through so I don’t feel too guilty.

So although I will continue to put him with his family for a few hours a day it looks like he’s going to be hand reared.