Wet Wet Wet…

The last 48 hours have been particularly bad with non-stop rain! I can handle the wind, ice and snow but the rain just turns everything to mush and causes havoc and misery!

After dropping off pigs at the abattoir we sat in the car for around an hour trying to source a dirty water pump as the road and pigs barn keep flooding! We at last found Machine Mart online and a quick phone call to a very helpful chap in store a pump was identified which was in stock and it was off to Glasgow to collect it.

It was my first visit inside a Machine Mart store and it had the same effect a trip to B&Q has on me. I’m the son my father never had and the array of machines tools and gadgets had me losing track of time. Dragged away from all the goodies to pay soon sorted me out….it was definately not part of the plan when I woke today to spend nearly £300, but needs must!

We got the pump back to the farm and put it straight to work – it’s fabulous! It was so satisfying seeing the pools of water disappear in to little twirling drain. We’re so impressed, it was money well spent. I’m even starting to think it could be put to use sucking out the dirty water from the big water troughs in each pen (we usually have to bale them out with buckets!).

Had we not been in a hurry to get something fast we had planned to get this Evolution set. One machine with three interchangeable tools (water pump, generator and pressure washer) pretty neat!!!

Anyway, we stayed until after 8pm when it was then pitch dark, happily removing all the water the rain could hit us with. I’m sure there’ll be another flood in the morning but it will be sucked away in minutes thanks to our new toy!