Busy day (what’s new!)…

Decided not to take pigs to the abattoir today as the restaurants are all having a slow month and we have a list of jobs to do the length of our arm!!! So two lucky pigs got a week’s repreive! We managed with relative ease (that’s a first) to swap the pigs in with Muffin our boar with three new ladies. The pigs who were with him and stayed with him over winter when we tend not to have any pigs farrow….but that was also the majority of their gestation period, so with less than two weeks to go these ladies seemed happy to be back in the big girls pen. We’ll need to prepare three of the arks for farrowing and separate them all with some electric tape (a job for another day!)

After our surprise arrival of lambs on Friday we make a start at preparing the ground inside the sheep’s shelter for it’s new flooring…Kubota decided this was a good time to get a puncture so work continued (for a while) with spades and wheelbarrows!!!

The two tups began showing an interest in the five remaining female lambs of 2012 so enough was enough and with the help of some sheep mix they were sent to the small field next to the pigs with their heads in a bucket 🙂

Realising we’ve had a bumper hatch rate of ducklings and chicks I have advertised some for sale… the ducklings are massive and are deafening me with a corus which sounds like 100 dog toys squeaking at once!!! The chicks are tiny yellow and cute, just as they should be!!! 😀

We also had to make the weekly trip to the butcher to collect last week’s pork. Jim the manager is leaving this week to open his own butcher’s in Bridge of Allan….we wish him lots of luck! x

Busy busy busy!!!