Chicks, ducklings & not much sleep…

In the space of 24 hours we’ve hatched our most successful (that is largest!) batch of both chicks and ducklings. I would have liked to have hatched them a few weeks apart, but demand for them both has been so strong since Christmas that we just cracked on with both at once.

I don’t hurry the hatching process, it takes as long as it takes but I monitor the eggs to make sure the pipping progress (where the chicks peck out a circle of egg to then emerge from) doesn’t stop. I will only help if a chick hasn’t hatched 12 hours after it’s beak first breaks the shell. The whole checking, drying, preparing cages, testing heat lamps, then dipping every beak in to water and feed to check they are eating and drinking is pretty time consuming and by 10pm I was exhausted!!!

Did I then get a good night’s sleep? Of course not as they all cheaped and squeaked  throughout the night….CONSTANTLY!!!!!