OMG we’ve bought a tractor!…

After much deliberation and still no way of actually justifying it we have ordered a new (albeit small) tractor. Although financially it is way beyond the farm’s means, it has become more and more evident that we had to drag ourselves in to the 21st Century (in fact scrub that) the 19th Century!!!) and become farmers with a tractor! Ok, we have a useful little Kubota B6000 with front loader and rotorvator, but it’s not up to any heavy lifting….and up until a couple of months ago we had a very old “New Holland” but found out soon after buying it that a 2wd just wasn’t suitable for our land!

We’ve been shopping around and creating a wish list for a while now and until recently we were convinced a 5 series John Deere would be right for us although it was going to cost around £22,000 for a basic tractor with loader and that was without a cab!!! Three things made us change our mind come to our senses...the cost….a potential delay of three months for one to be shipped over from Europe….and no cab!!! What were we thinking, were we nuts??? This is Scotland where we are soaked, blown over, battered with hailstones and snowed on 10 months of the year and we thought we could manage without a cab!!!

We then saw some ads online for Farmtrac. They had just opened a dealership near us and following our enquiry they swamped us with some amazing deals on ex-demos….do you know they very nearly convinced us to splash out £30,000 on a huge tractor worth £45,000 but once more (and to my surprise) we came to our senses!!! You know if they’d actually come forward with something close to what we originally asked for they would probably have got a sale!

So back at square one and just about to leave for the farm one morning I was mid moan to David that we really had to sort out a tractor and in desperation I did a quick search on ebay….and there it was!!! I barely even looked at the ad before calling David over. He read it, viewed the pictures, looked up the specifications online and to my surprise he picked up the phone and called the seller!!! What was advertised was a 50hp Foton tractor – a demonstration model with only 7 hours on the clock. We’d never heard of them, but looking on google there are dozens of Chinese tractor makers I had never heard of! We then received a call from our new best friend Steve. Steve is the main importer of these tractors and has a factory in Wales where he builds them (they arrive in bits!). He directed us to his website where we were offered the choice of just about every tool and accessory for the tractor at a reduced price….it all seemed a little too good to be true.

Before handing over our hard earned cash we did some research on Foton, Danelander and even Steve and happy that we would actually receive a tractor in exchange for our money we went ahead with the deal. We have ordered the tractor with a 4 in 1 bucket, bale spikes, a 2 tonne tipping trailer, a harrow and a topper all for less than £20,000…..and the best news is….it has a cab (and a heater!!!!) 😉

It’ll be here in around a week…now I must go and smash open the piggy bank!!!