Crikey, what a long day!…

We’re just home and it’s been a long, long day!!!

Our fridge van has been off the road for a couple of days having some repairs which meant we weren’t able to collect last week’s carcasses from the abattoir on Tuesday as planned. Instead we had to get up this morning at 5am to leave the house at 6am and be at the abattoir for 7am where the lovely Stewart having finished his morning chores could chop up the carcasses and load them in the van. That done, it was off to our butcher in Kirkintilloch for 8am allowing ourself a cheeky coffee and sandwich en route (which ended up being pretty much all we had all day!!!)

Then it was off to the farm where the usual mucking out, feeding and watering took us until around 1pm to finish. No rest for the wicked (or tired farmers) as we rushed back to the butcher who was doing a super fast turn around on our pork. Everything looked great and was loaded in to the van, then we were off again, this time to Glasgow to deliver our gorgeous rare breed pork to some restaurants in town. The chefs are all pretty busy on Friday nights and really want their produce delivered by 5pm at the latest so we were really up against the clock! To our relief we got round them all in time and decided what to do with all the free time we had (ha ha ha)….the decision came to us as we parked outside McDonalds in Milngavie having collected another couple of coffees (I must by a coffee machine, McDonalds are eating away at our profits!!!)…and within minutes we’d both dozed off!!!

Waking at 6.30pm (I’d like to say refreshed) we headed back to the farm and after the evening feeds, some fresh straw to the chooks and ducks and a final check to make sure everyone was locked up it was a quick trip to Tesco to pick up something quick for dinner and home. That was a LOT of miles we clocked up today, I’m hoping we manage to get a few hours rest at home tomorrow. Night!