New Rhode Rocks are here…

Another busy day started with the usual mucking out, feeding and watering then a trip to Blantyre to collect our fridge van which was being serviced. Then it was off to collect our pork from our butcher and delivering it around Glasgow.

At around 7pm we headed to our friend Jane who owns Craigievern Poultry where we were collecting twenty 14 week old Rhode Rock chickens. These are a great egg laying hybrid (a cross between a Rhode Island Red cockerel and Plymouth Rock hen) and Jane has always been our preferred source for them. These birds should start laying in around eight weeks time and we can expect at least 320 eggs per year from each bird.

Jane and her husband were right in the middle of lambing (they have 100’s of sheep!) but she found a few minutes to help us load our new birds and catch up on the joys of pig, sheep and chicken keeping. While we were there her mother-in-law drove up with a little lamb who had been abandoned by her mother and Jane explained this was happening quite a lot as the ewe’s main focus was on finding food/ grass, not on caring for their new born. Like us she is hoping the grass will come through soon. As we left we saw another lamb being born…Jane and Craig are going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks!

Meanwhile our new chickens are going to stay in quarantine in the livestock trailer for a few days before introducing them to the rest of the flock.