6am – 10pm…

Some people who complain about working 9-5 should try farming some day!

We got up at 6am and popped 14 Hubbards in to their crate for the quick 10 minute drive to the local poultry abattoir, then it was home for a quick coffee then out to do the animals (feeding, watering, letting out the poultry, giving everyone some straw bedding). I had a hospital appointment with my Dad and when I got back I took the dogs for a big run through the sheep fields and a splash down at the stream. Seeing a van parked at our pig shed I rushed back, it was one of our feed suppliers unloading a load of poultry feed….I was starting to feel tired from the early start and run about with the dogs but felt obliged to muck in and unload the 25kg sacks! I then spent an hour replying to emails, writing letters and sorting out customers invoices. Another quick coffee (note no lunch!!!) and it was time to do the animals once more and lock up all the birds.

Yesterday we moved the livestock trailer in to the pigs field where we have the last three of our our original sows who are no longer productive. The trailer was left open, full of straw and our hope was that one of the sows (probably Spot) would settle in there by herself and therefore nominate herself for the journey to Wishaw abattoir early on Thursday (tomorrow) morning. After finishing the animals for the night we peeked in the trailer and found Spot fast asleep we suddenly realised we had two options…hope she was still there at 6am in the morning or go and try and find out if the abattoir would accept her tonight. We didn’t think they’d be much point in trying the abattoir as everyone would have been home hours ago so we tried to remember which of our friends use Wishaw in the hope they’d know if you can drop a sow off the night before. Somehow I found myself dialing the abattoir’s number in the hope there might be a night watchman and couldn’t believe it when one of the ladies who works in the office answered (apparently she was waiting for an engineer to fix the alarm…lucky us!). She confirmed that we could drop off tonight and gave us instructions on where to put Spot, how to lock up and where to switch off the lights!

We rushed outside to check Spot was still in the trailer and quickly closed it up and headed out in to the cold night to Wishaw (wrapped up in several layers as our Land Rover Defender is so draughty and cold!). Everything went smoothly and Spot was delivered to a large pen with lots of straw and she quickly started to settle down for the night. We got home exhausted at 10pm and after feeding the dogs and cat, we crawled up to bed around 11pm (note no dinner!!!)

Sooooo tired!