Sheep scanner…

I booked Gillian from Booscan to scan our sheep as soon as the tup we’d borrowed arrived, as last year I was so late in doing so that Gillian arrived AFTER I’d started lambing….kind of defeats the purpose of getting them scanned!

Our two volunteers (George & Alessandro) helped erect a couple of large pens in the pig shed and once we go the girls all indoors we set about tagging last years lambs and giving them all a dose of wormer & flukicide and with perfect timing Gillian arrived.

She remembered that our girls are a “bit reluctant” (huge understatement) to go in to the holding crate she uses, so this year she ventured in to the pen with her cattle probe and fancy space age glasses that displays the scan and rattled through them all in a matter of minutes. We were a well oiled machine, Alessandro caught and held the sheep, David was carrying some of Gillian’s kit, I sprayed their backs with one, two or three dots depending on how many lambs they were having and George….observed!!!

It wasn’t a bad result, as expected last years lambs were empty…..except for one, who will now be the cause of many sleepless nights as the wee thing has got knocked up with twins!!! Eight others are having twins, nine are having single lambs and one lucky lady is having triplets! So now I’m armed with this information we can feed them appropriately and at lambing we’ll know exactly what to expect….so no need to rumage about feeling for a twin that isn’t there!

Sheep are back out in the field – a good days work!