Time I got on with this…

Ok, saying I’ve been pretty busy doesn’t really cut it does it when it’s literally been years since I updated our lovely little website or posted anything on it??? That will change from now on…even if no one ever reads any of this I would love to have it for my own record.

So much has happened over the last couple of years….we’ve built our much needed and long awaited farm house…and we’ve started hosting volunteers to stay and help with the daily chores…we’ve become involved with the wonderful “Food Assembly” movement…we’ve had the usual circle of life with our animals and increased our poultry production…we have had many highs and a few very sad lows, but we’re still going strong and constantly making changes.

Every night I’ll take a couple of minutes to think if there’s anything worth mentioning, and if there is I’l add it here there and then! Promise!