Hog Roast

Our Hog Roasts were a new addition to our range in 2012!

Hog roasts are ideally suited to outdoor/ marquee venues and do not require a separate electrical power source as they are totally self-contained. The weatherproof nature of our Hog Roast machines allows the outdoor cooking of the hog before being brought indoors to carve and serve if the weather gets nasty.

The Hog will have been marinated, scored for crackling and mounted on the roasting bar ready to begin roasting approximately 7 hours before the meat is to be carved. We provide all disposable cutlery, plates and napkins, rolls, apple sauce and haggis stuffing as standard. In addition, we can also quote for a wider menu supplying other items such as salads, coleslaw, sage & onion stuffing, buffet food, and deserts.

We also offer a DIY option if you would like us just to supply you with the Hog Roaster and the pig and leave the rest up to you.

Our Hog Roast will easily feed 150 guests – anything left over is yours to keep. It is the ultimate barbeque and a great catering alternative to events and parties.

Contact us for more information and a detailed quote.