Links To Like minded folk!

Here we’ve listed some people, organisations and websites who seem to be on the same wavelength as us. Some we have met and learned from, some are suppliers we use, some I just like to catch up on from time to time….anyway we hope you find them interesting!

Smallholding and Self Sufficiency…

  • Fife Smallholder: Carol & Graham Johnson have been living on their smallholding for over ten years and share everything they learn on this interesting site.
  • Viable Self Sufficiency: Tim & Dot Tyne’s website – a couple who have got about as close to total self sufficiency as is possible.
  • Accidental Smallholder: Dan & Rosemary Champion who in ten years have gone from growing a few veg to having a 12 acre smallholding and busy website and forum supporting others.
  • The Lint Mill: Colin & Debby run a luxurious, 4* B&B in Carnwath where their smallholding includes pigs from Ardunan Farm, sheep and chickens
  • River Cottage: With Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall, the man partly responsible for this modern day move to  self sufficiency when he moved to the original River Cottage in 1998. An interesting website although perhaps geared a little too much to promoting itself now.


  • Harbro: One of our main feed suppliers (great prices!) and with stores around the country selling a large range of equipment and clothing.
  • Boquhan Estates: Selling a huge range of feed, equipment, country clothing and wooden buildings…we go here for all our fencing supplies and the occassional shed/ animal housing.
  • Gibb of Galston: A great family business selling (and delivering) animal feed and supplies. They also rear Tamworths and have a thriving architectural salvage business.
  • East Coast Viners: So far the cheapest feed provider….so long as you can buy by the tonne.
  • Country Stores Direct: THE place to go for all your electric fencing needs. Great service, low prices and fast delivery!
  • Flyte So Fancy: We shop here for our lovely pink egg boxes 🙂 but they also have a very large, tempting selection of all things poultry


  • The Edge of Nowhere: One of my favourite blogs! Malc and his family gave up city life for a move to Orkney and the challenges of pig farming – very entertaining (and you learn a thing or two also!)
  • The Lint Mill: Debby & Colin run a very luxurious B&B at their smallholding in Lanark….guess who they bought their pigs from 🙂

Local enterprises…

  • The Food Assembly: is a fantastic platform for small local producers to connect with local customers. Food Assemblies are set up around the country by individuals and the Food Assembly platform runs an online farmers market tailored to that particular area, then once a week the producers and customers meet to engage with each other and collect their orders that have been pre-ordered and paid for….no selling, no huge farmer’s market fees and no wastage (producers just bring the pre-ordered produce)….WE LOVE IT!
  • Nourish Scotland: is reconnecting producers, growers, retailers, consumers and all who care for local, sustainable food in Scotland. David is currently being trained by them as an assessor on their New Farmer Programme

Helpful organisations…



  • HMRC: If you’re setting up in business this is where to find out all you need to know about tax, vat and employing others
  • DEFRA: The one stop shop to animal rules and legistlation. If you need a CPH number or herd or flock marks this is where to go. Read and understand this site before you think of owning livestock!

Do your bit for the environment…

  • Freecycle: Donate what you no longer need to others who do.
  • Gumtree: Don’t bin it – sell it or give it away!
  • eBay: A great source for new and used machinery, tools, seeds plus just about anything else!