Our pigs are rare breed Oxford Sandy & Blacks, ginger with black marks & big floppy ears that cover their eyes. They are outdoor born and bred and grown at a slower more natural rate than commercial pigs, 8-9 months, compared to 4-5 months. Their diet is natural and varied, packed with lots of apples, greens and treats (they LOVE bananas!!!) which all help create a fabulous end product. The meat is darker, fattier (that’s where loads of flavour lies) and has a skin just crying out to be turned in to wonderful crackling! You simply cannot compare our pork to what the supermarkets sell – it’s a different product!

We’re super excited to now be supplying our produce to you through our Great British Food Hub platform. Food Hubs are popular in Europe and are now starting to pop up in towns and cities all around the UK.

It’s a bit like an online Farmer’s Market. Each Food Hub is tailored to the local market involving local artisan producers. You join as a “member”, choose which Hubs you want to join then order and pay for your produce online. Producers meet at a weekly collection point where members come and collect their orders. They get a chance to talk to the producer, learn about their products and methods. There is no need for any money as all transactions took place securely online and the producer only brings the pre-ordered produce, so there’s no wastage! It is a fantastic model and one we hope to be involved with for years to come. It’s brought us full circle to where we always intended to be – producing quality local food for local customers! We currently supply the two Glasgow Food and we run and supply the Milngavie Food Hub. Sign up with just your name, email and a password to gain access to the online markets.

We still offer 1/2 or 1/4 sides of pork, butchered to your specifications, some customers want it all turned in to sausages, burgers and bacon, others want everything in just joints and chops – many people ask for “a bit of everything” (joints, chops, mince, sausages, belly, fillet, diced etc.) Our commercial customers can have the loin, shoulder or leg left whole and rolled to then divide to suit their needs. If there is anything in particular you would like (or don’t like), just ask! Some people have requested the belly whole to cure and turn in to pancetta or to roast and then slice (delicious!!!), others have even requested the head to make in to braun and use the cheeks or the trotters to make stock or roast -definitely something to try at least once. We supply the neck, trotters, kidneys and shank. Whatever you would like the butcher will accommodate. Unlike commercial pork our meat is hung for a week to ten days before being butchered. Everything is vac-packed and ready to pop in the freezer. We use insulated packaging and overnight couriers for UK wide delivery, but if you’re local we will deliver it personally to your door in our refrigerated van! (see our terms & conditions)

How much room will I need for my pig? A quarter pig uses approximately one freezer drawer. Worried you might be short of space? Remember curing some of your pig prolongs it’s life for up to a month in the refrigerator and if dry curing your bacon or gammon this can also take several weeks during which time the joint can be kept in your refrigerator, a cool box or  in a cold place while curing. Also, consider sharing your pig amongst a group of friends, family or work colleagues. You can all partake in the growing and fattening of your pig and then share the meat out. When you receive your pig you could even get together to cure some gammons and hams, produce some bacon and make sausages!

Buying great quality meat cut the way you want really ignites a passion to cook things a little differently and try out new recipes. Our existing customers describe it as the “best pork they’ve ever tasted” and children absolutely love our sausages! We’re sure you too will love the quality and flavour.

One final point. We have compared what you get from us with the supermarket’s prices and do you know there is very little difference between the overall cost. So why buy the bland supermarket pork when you can have real pork for virtually the same price??

Visit our Online Shop now or see our current frozen stock at The Food Assembly or call us to discuss your requirements.