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Side of Pork (whole)

There is a 10-14 day lead time required for this product

What you can expect to find in your half pig box.

You'll get at least 25kg of prime pork. A typical box will contain joints for roasting from both the leg and the loin, and/or some chops, fillet, ribs, belly pork joints, a hock and shoulder, either as joints, minced, diced or any combination plus sausages/ burgers.  If you have special butchery requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our butchers can accommodate almost everything, so if you want something specific, just ask.

Subject to availability we can supply the liver, heart, head & trotters! We'll even sell you the squeak, if needed. (Offal is usually supplied frozen as it is not hung with the rest of the carcass)

**Please note that the price for this item is based on a pig with a total "dead weight" of around 100kg. The price can alter slightly based on the weight, please call us to discuss**

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