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Christmas 2017 Turkeys

Local Delivery available on 21st & 22nd December

It's never too early to order your Ardunan Farm turkey! Demand is so great for our wonderful, succulent turkeys that advanced ordering is recommended. We hatch around 300 turkey chicks during June, July and August, most are sold as young birds to people who want to rear their own turkey, but we keep a number from our July hatch to rear for customers (so you need to get in and order early!). After a few weeks indoors under a heat lamp they are moved outside where they run, flap, 'play', peck and scratch. Their 'gobble gobble' is heard throughout the farm and is sorely missed in January.

We now only rear turkeys to order and their weights vary between 4-8kg. As we only rear a relatively small batch of turkeys we try our best to deliver a turkey as close to the weight you have ordered, but as a rule we will scale up rather than scale down the size.

Don't miss out - last date to order is September 10th!

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