Val & Mike McNulty

Hi Gillian/David

Just finished our second pack of bacon and just about to sample a gigot joint.

This is First Class meat. The bacon is probably the best ever and the joints are excellent. The big chops are amazing and the bones made great soup

The fat content is slightly higher as you mentioned but is NOT like the usual supermarket stuff. It is almost the same texture as the meat and has loads of flavour.

The sausages are maybe minced a bit fine but they don’t curl up, don’t give off lots of fat and the taste is subtle but magic.

So far – 11 out of 10.


Mike & Val

ps We are now looking at getting a second freezer.

Joanne Whitehead

Hi Gillian and David

I just wanted to drop you a note to rave about the pork.

We had the most fabulous roast for dinner on Sunday, my Mum and Dad were over as it was his birthday and they were still commenting on how good it was this morning so 2 days later. Also my daughter loves sausages but after a few bites she is usually done, we had them twice over the weekend and I ended up with one sausage both days as she gobbled them down and then demanded mine. Next time I think we will have to ask for more in a pack :-).

Thanks again and please keep us on your mailing list